Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Key West kitties

Why has my blog been left a muck might you wonder? Because they left me for Key West and to make it worse they left me for some six-toed kitties in Key West.

The proof is in the video. I think they had the shakes when they were filming....



The Bar Belle said...

Oh no! Bad kitties in Key West.

Peanut said...

cats are evil and the fact that there are ones with extra toes just proves it.

Woodford Man said...

it was kitty heaven...more than fifty of 'em. so gross.

JackPDB said...

Yow! I like cats, even those weirdo polydactyls -- but in manageable numbers, please. Memories of childhood "crazy cat ladies" or animal hoarders, maybe, but too many cats in one place gives me the creeps.
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